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Monument of Thao Suranaree

  • Monument of Thao Suranaree (Yamo) located in front of the Chumphon Gate. The old town is the gateway to the west. Located in the heart of me. A monument. Created to honor and praise the virtues of the common man's first heroine Thao Suranaree or Yamo the city residents. He is known as one familiar heroines in history who have given me the country is a party. Pride and veneration. Yamo become a symbol of city residents even called the province's "Ya Mo City".
  • People ask me often promise things from Yamo. For example, I have a job I have no money on it, it is not mentioned by Gill with specific instructions on what medications to Mobile favor with me is that when I was alive. Yamo me most favorite songs.
  • What to do. Cast bronze statue weighs 325 kg, 185 cm tall black statue on the square recess Apti twelve wood 250 cm high, facing the west. Which is located in Bangkok. Containing the bones of Thao Suranaree Monument of Thao Suranaree or Yamo city residents.

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